Supplement Medicinary

Naturopathic physicians must keep their own medicinaries since there is no natural equivalent to the corner drug store.  For this purpose, the state of Arizona’s Naturopathic Medical Board has issued Genesis Natural Medicine Center a certificate to dispense.

Our medicinary is largely composed of natural health products manufactured by professional Nutraceutical companies. Professional companies generally supply physicians only. The quality of these products is typically superior to what’s available over the counter and the quality exceeds the minimal requirements of the FDA.

The doctors and practitioners at Genesis work hard to ensure the medicinary contains the most clinically effective and highest quality products available. Our number one goal is to help our patients become well, as our reputations depend on that. The medicinary enables patients to obtain their natural prescriptions without having to make a second trip to find them on their own. While the medicinary is a convenience for patients, we do not charge above retail, like a convenience store. Importantly, there is no sales tax on supplements prescribed by your doctor.

We are very conscious of the cost of health care including natural health products and our number one goal to help patients achieve health. As such, the Genesis medicinary discounts all products that retail above $60.00. The higher the retail price, the greater the discount. For example, a 120 tablet bottle of HonoPure retails for $100. This product costs $80 in our office.

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