Jaden Hawkinson

Naturopathic Physician, East Asian Medicine Practitioner, Health Consultant located in Tucson, AZ

About Dr. Hawkinson

Who Am I? 

Naturopathic Physician. East Asian Medicine Practitioner.
Health Consultant.
Seeker. Son. Brother. Friend. Community Builder and Member.
Bird Watcher.
Aspiring Ceramicist.
An Embodied Being.
Balance Enthusiast.

Jaden Hawkinson

I am passionate about health and healing, specifically the practice and transmission of natural and holistic healing. I want you to feel your best so that you can move through the world and blossom. I will help you heal and cultivate your health.

I grew up in Colorado—playing and focusing on my studies. My health issues and questions went unanswered by the conventional system, so I went on my personal healing journey. I found practical and useful modes of spirituality and self-cultivation, and the right teachers and friends appeared at the right time. Studying pre-med and religion at Colorado College, my path led me to the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR to formally study the art and science of medicine.

I love music and movement. The space between.
Balance. Structure and Spontaneity. Listening and singing to plants. Social justice. Studying with teachers near and far. Traveling to learn and meet sacred places. Basketball. Reading. Finding the spark of life in myself and others.

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