Bianca Valencia, LAc

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine located in Tucson, AZ

About Bianca

I am born and raised in Arizona, I grew up on the border south of Tucson, AZ. Ever since I can remember I have always had a calling for helping and healing. I graduated from high school and went to Phoenix, AZ and received my undergraduate degree in Global Health with a concentration in Pre-Medicine. I received a job opportunity to work for a healthcare corporation where I was on the administrative side of healthcare.

After seeing the healthcare industry leave more towards a business model rather than a patient-centered healthcare, I knew traditional medicine was not for me. I experienced a series of health issues and found acupuncture and Oriental medicine to be more aligned with how I wanted to fix my health issues. I saw such great results and decided to make a career change and move back to Arizona.


I studied acupuncture and oriental medicine here in Tucson. I have been practicing for over 5 years and have the best day, every day. I love what I do and how I get to be a part of a patients health journey. Seeing their improvement each visit and knowing that I assist is the best part of every day.

I specialize in women’s health and have a strong heart to couples who are having fertility difficulty. I also am certified under the Mei Zen protocol of cosmetic acupuncture which helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and well as improve skin appearance. As well as pain management from chronic to acute conditions. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine have a wide range of bringing balance back into your life. It’s a matter of being patient and giving the body the time and space it needs to heal.

Some of my hobbies are hiking and riding my bicycle. I spend a lot of time with my two dogs, we go on plenty of camping trips together when the weather is favorable and enjoy being outdoors. Friends and family are a big part of my life, getting together and enjoying the company is a blessing. I enjoy listening to podcasts and reading books on my spare time, they are mostly Chinese Medicine based but a great self-help book is always on my desk. Being a part of the Tucson and Southern Arizona community is my home, I enjoy being here and want this community to be healthy and thriving. Assisting in that healing process is what really lights me up!

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