Rudi Nadler, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist located in Tucson, AZ

About Rudi Nadler, LMT

Rudi Nadler, LMT received his license to practice massage from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts, 1000 hour program, in 2007. Since then, he has been in private practice, and has been an instructor at the Cortiva Institute of the Healing Arts.

His clients include professional and amateur athletes, special populations such as prenatal, chronic disability, clients with more sedentary lifestyles, mature/special needs clients, and those who simply want to maintain an optimally mobile, healthful lifestyle.

Rudi Nadler, Licensed Massage Therapist in Tucson, AZ

Using the body’s innate ability to find equilibrium, his mission as a massage therapist is to help clients gain a relaxed, neutral position for the most possible comfort and strength. His methods include the use of pressure, friction, and stretching to relieve trigger points, tight fascia, and shortened soft tissue, resulting in improved range of motion, joint mobility, and increased well-being.

In addition, Rudi also utilizes specialized training he’s received in Trager Technique, Craniosacral, Neural Reset Therapy, Visceral Massage, Deep Tissue (Lauterstein Method), and Thai Massage.

Rudi has been a daily practitioner of Tai Chi and Chi Gung for 30 years, and has been an avid cyclist for as long, taking part in road, mountain, and endurance events. Through these and other body-centered activities, his personal dedication to study of the muscle groups in motion provides continuous insight into his bodywork techniques. 

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