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Naturopathic physicians often keep their own medicinal dispensaries, as you can’t buy the professional-grade natural treatments and supplements you need at the corner drugstore. The highly experienced team at Genesis Natural Medicine Center in Tucson, Arizona, prescribes and dispenses only natural medicines from professional nutraceutical companies. These companies don’t sell their products without a prescription, so you can only get them through a natural health dispensary, like the one at Genesis Natural Medicine Center. To learn more, call the office, or book an appointment through the convenient online scheduler.

Natural Health Dispensary Q & A

What is a natural health dispensary?

A natural health dispensary is a place you can get natural medicines and supplements for a variety of health conditions. The medicines and supplements available from a natural health dispensary are not available over the counter at your local drugstore. Instead, your doctor must prescribe them for your specific needs. 

The natural health dispensary at Genesis Natural Medicine Center makes vitamins and herbal supplements available at their practice so you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality natural medications available. Professional supplements meet much higher standards than unregulated, over-the-counter supplements, so you can be assured you’re getting safe, effective products.

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How are professional supplements different from over-the-counter products?

Because over-the-counter supplements are largely unregulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), you can’t be sure of the quality or safety of the product you buy at the drugstore or your local supermarket. Professional supplements, like the ones you can find at Genesis Natural Medicine Center, are premium supplements that are manufactured with the highest standards of testing and regulation in the industry. In many cases, these professional supplement manufacturers submit their products to independent labs for thorough testing.

Over-the-counter supplements often contain high levels of pesticides and dangerous chemicals. In some cases, these supplements do not contain the core ingredients they claim to contain. Because the natural dispensary at Genesis Natural Medicine Center only offers professional-grade supplements from reputable companies that go above and beyond the FDA required standards, you can be sure you’re buying only high-quality products for yourself and your family.

Is the natural health dispensary open to the public?

No, the dispensary is not open to the general public. At Genesis Natural Medicine Center, the medical team only prescribes and sells supplements to their patients. These products are available to you and your family based on your individual needs and health concerns. Your health care provider customizes your prescription and recommends only supplements from which you can truly benefit. 

To learn more about natural supplements and products at the on-site natural health dispensary, call to schedule a consultation or book an appointment through the convenient online scheduler today.

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