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When you have a fever, your body temperature rises so you can fight an infection. Whole-body hyperthermia, in simplified terms, aims to do the same thing. The naturopathic physicians at Genesis Natural Medicine Center in Tucson, Arizona, offer whole-body hyperthermia as a cancer treatment method that supports traditional cancer therapies. Studies suggest that this cutting-edge treatment allows cancer cells to better receive radiation therapy and chemotherapy. To learn more, call the knowledgeable office staff or book a consultation online.

Whole Body Hyperthermia Q & A

What is whole-body hyperthermia?

Whole-body hyperthermia is a type of cancer treatment in which your body temperature is elevated to higher than normal through the controlled use of heat in a medical setting. When your body’s cells are exposed to higher than normal temperatures, the cells change from within. When this happens, your cells are more likely to be affected by traditional cancer treatments like radiation or chemotherapy. 

Additionally, very high temperatures can kill cancer cells directly. Your doctor can treat small tumors with local hyperthermia, larger areas with regional hyperthermia, or use whole-body hyperthermia as a way to enhance the effects of chemotherapy treatments for people with metastatic cancer. 

What can I expect during whole-body hyperthermia treatments?

During a whole-body hyperthermia treatment, your doctor raises your body temperature to 107˚F-108˚F with heated blankets, warm-water immersion, or thermal chambers that are like large incubators. Raising the temperature of your whole body is similar to what happens when you have a fever so your body can fight infection. You may take a sedative to help you relax during the treatment, or possibly light anesthesia. 

Your doctor customizes your hyperthermia treatment based on your needs, and determines the appropriate length of time to elevate your body temperature. 

How does whole-body hyperthermia work?

Whole-body hyperthermia studies suggest that safely raising your body temperature causes your immune system to become more active in the hours that follow a treatment. This also raises the cell-killing compounds in your blood so they can attack the cancer cells and fight off disease. Ultimately, one of the major advantages of this type of treatment is that it seems to make other types of cancer treatments work better. 

So, heating your body makes it easier for chemotherapy drugs to do their job. Your specialist at Genesis Natural Medicine Center may recommend whole-body hyperthermia in conjunction with other cancer treatments so you get the optimal benefits from all the treatments working together. 

To learn more about this cutting-edge cancer treatment, and which types of cancer it may help, contact the office by phone or use the convenient online booking system to schedule a consultation. 

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