Fred Weiner, DC

Chiropractic located in Tucson, AZ

About Dr. Weiner

Fred Weiner, DC, is an experienced chiropractor at Genesis Natural Medicine Center, a holistic family medicine practice in Tucson, Arizona. He has more than three decades of experience practicing holistic, alternative family medicine.

Dr. Weiner graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois. He received training from one of the great masters in chiropractic care, Dr. George Goodheart, who is the founder and developer of applied kinesiology (AK). AK translates the body’s language to determine what’s wrong and establish the best treatment to match each patients’ personalized needs. Dr. Weiner uses muscle testing, posture analysis, and other techniques to diagnose health issues and develop holistic solutions to heal the body.

Fred Weiner, Chiropractic care in Tucson, AZ

He attended and taught at IM School of the Healing Arts in New York City, which helps him bring focused empathy and sensitivity to each chiropractic session. Dr. Weiner treats headaches, neck and back pain, other types of chronic pain, digestive problems, fatigue, stress, menstrual problems, dizziness, sinus problems, difficult labor, infant colic, numbness and tingling, and on-the-job injuries using holistic, alternative therapies.

He uses chiropractic adjustments, massage, infrared saunas, nutritional IV therapies, ozone therapy, colon hydrotherapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and medical marijuana to restore patients’ quality of life. Dr. Weiner is currently accepting new patients and welcomes them to Genesis Natural Medicine Center.

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