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Genesis Natural Medicine Center in Tucson, Arizona, is a premier, holistic family care center dedicated to helping every person in the community live their best life. In addition to providing health care for people of all ages, the holistic center also offers classes, including restorative yoga with gentle acupuncture. To get information about current and upcoming classes, call the office or request information online.


Classes Q & A

What types of classes are offered?

Genesis Natural Medicine Center is a full-service integrative and holistic practice focused on promoting health and wellness for the entire community by offering a rotation of classes to meet a range of needs and interests.

Classes may include:

Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga is a class dedicated to relieving stress and restoring your body’s balance and harmony. During the class, you engage in various yoga poses with the use of support props to stretch and relax your body. To ease your mind and body, the room is kept warm and the lights low.

This restorative yoga class includes simple acupuncture treatments to promote healing and enhance immune health.

Intro to yoga/chair yoga

The intro to yoga class is a beginner’s yoga class that gives you an opportunity to experience the many adaptable levels of yoga and how it works for all fitness levels and needs. The class also allows the use of a chair for sitting or support while standing as you move through your yoga poses. 

The intro to yoga is a series of five classes that ends with a restorative yoga session. 

How do I participate in classes?

The classes offered at Genesis Natural Medicine Center are open to everyone. You don’t have to be a patient at the family center to sign up for the classes. 

To participate, you need to contact the office ahead of time and pre-register. The holistic center likes to keep classes small to create a more personalized experience for you. 

Class dates and times vary depending on the type of class being offered. Check the website or call the office for details. 

Do I need to bring anything to participate in classes?

The team at Genesis Natural Medicine Center will discuss what you need to bring to class when you pre-register. For the yoga classes, the holistic center provides all the mats and props, so all you need to bring is yourself dressed in comfortable clothes that allow you to move.

You can, however, bring your own mat if you prefer. 

The classes at Genesis Natural Medicine Center serve as an opportunity for the holistic health center to share additional wellness opportunities with the community. It also gives you a chance to visit the practice and meet some of the staff. 

To learn more about current or upcoming classes at Genesis Natural Medicine Center, call the office or use the online button to request information. 

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